1. Complimentary 30 min consultation

During our first meeting, we'll discuss where you are in the process and what you hope for in your future. We'll explore how we can help you to save you time and money. We will discuss the options available and determine how you'd like to proceed.  We work with one spouse in the relationship as their advocate and we are also available to work as a financial neutral, where the divorcing couple is amicable and simply wishes to work through the financial matters of their divorce in a timely and transparent manner. 

2. Paperwork

Once we've agreed to work together, we will sign the necessary paperwork and provide you with a list of the information we'll need to begin the analysis. You will also receive a secure link to upload the information directly to a shared folder.

3. Review meeting

We will meet to review your information, resolve any questions we may have and discuss your concerns and thoughts.  If we are working as a financial neutral, we will meet with each spouse independently.  We will then proceed to assess and complete all the data entry, analysis, and report preparation requirements.

4. Presentation

Here we will review a comprehensive analysis of your finances and discuss how the various settlement options will impact your financial future.  We will examine your divorce options, ensure the right one for your situation and creatively look at settlement ideas.  We will answer any questions or issues you may have and can also construct a transition plan for the next phase of your life. We offer support in a caring and compassionate way and help connect you with additional resources if necessary. 

5. Attorney

Your attorney will receive all of the information needed to prepare documents for filing.  You will proceed with confidence in the accuracy of your documents.

6. Post Divorce

The transition period after your divorce is finalized can be a critical time.  If you choose, we are available to help you, ensuring mistakes are not made and the court ordered marital agreement is being executed accurately.